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MxHero for Outlook 2.0 allows users to easily manage email messages and attachments directly from Outlook (Windows (2016+), Mac and Outlook Web Access (OWA)) with supported cloud storage services.

The following instructions assume that the Extension has been installed. The installation of the software is explained in this article. The installation can either be done centrally by the email administrator or individually if allowed by the email administrator.

With this extension you will be able to:

  • Copy email messages and their attachments to cloud storage folders
  • Access / open email messages, attachments and other files in your cloud storage
  • Download email messages, attachments and other files from your cloud storage
  • Manage (move, create, delete) cloud storage folders and files
  • Search your cloud storage folders for messages, attachments and other files
  • Add metadata to messages and attachments saved in your cloud storage
  • Share cloud storage content (messages, attachments and other files)
  • Attach files or cloud storage links of files stored in Cloud Storage when composing messages


Log into your cloud storage service

To connect the extension to your cloud storage service do the following (see image below):

  1. Select any message (required to activate the extension)
  2. Click on the extension in your Ribbon bar
  3. Click on the storage service button


Once logged in, you should see your cloud storage folders:



Basic Navigation

Click on a folder to access its content (folders & files)


To navigate back to the previous folder click on the folder in the folder path field. In the below image, clicking on "Clients" will navigate to the "Clients" folder. Clicking on "All Files" will navigate to the beginning (root) folder.



Folder Actions

Click on the "More" icon to access different folder level actions (see image below)


File Upload - Upload a file located in your PC to the cloud storage folder.

New Folder - Create a new cloud storage folder in the current folder.

View in Box - Open the current folder in the cloud storage web user interface

Favorite - Toggle the current folder (or file) as a Favorite folder. Favorite folders can be filtered using the "Favorites" tab at the bottom of the pane.

Move - move the folder or file to another folder in your cloud storage.

Rename - Change the name of the current folder or file.

Delete - delete the current folder (or file) and all of its content.

Share Link - create a share link for this folder or file

Collaborators - Lists people you've invited to the folder

Refresh - refresh the pane's view

Help - Open help (this) page



Saving Message to your Cloud Storage

The following video briefly shows how to save email to your cloud storage using MxHero for Outlook 2.0.

Video notes

  • Configuration presets are configured in the MxHero dashboard.
  • Metadata templates are configured in your cloud storage service (for those cloud storage services that support metadata).


Attaching a Files

The following video illustrates how to attach a file from your cloud storage as either a cloud storage link or a standard attachment.



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