Case: Law firm using Email Sync for auto filing (Part 1)

Use case summary

  • MS Exchange email service
  • MxHero Outlook client

In this case we'll use Email sync and copy policy for auto filing.
We will separate emails according two different types in folders named accordingly.


  1. Go to Mail2Cloud Dashboard
  2. Click on 'Add New' button at Email sync panel.

  3. Choose Exchange as your server.

  4. Type your credentials.

  5. Click on 'Select accounts' and select the account that you want to sync.

  6. Type email accounts to be imported separated by comma and click on 'Apply settings' button.

  7. Click on Select your cloud storage and authenticate. 

  8. Select your Box storage account and enter your credentials.

  9. Select 'at copy policy' to dynamically name the folders at Cloud storage.

  10. Select the 'Copy policy' and 'Only' so it don't make any copies. 
    Note: Copy policy, Map, and Variable are explained at the bottom of this article.

  11. Go to 'Import options'.
    • Toggle 'Do not overwrite files'

    • Toggle 'Mark emails as processed' and enter the text to add to message body.

      Note: With this option activated mxHero will add the configured text into messages body and it will mark them as processed (This text can only be seen by you, even if the email is replied or forwarded).

    • Toggle 'Save attachments'
    • Toggle 'Use sub-folder to store attachments' and type a name for the sub-folder.
      save image

    • Toggle 'Save message as .pdf'
    • Toggle 'Save message as an .eml source file'
    • Toggle 'Use a sub-folder for the copy of the original email (.eml file)' and enter a name for the sub-folder.

  12. Set the format for .pdf and .eml file name using dynamic patterns taken from the email parts data.

    save image

  13. Go to 'Security options' and check 'Anyone (public links)'
  14. Go to 'Notification options'
    Toggle 'Notify me on error'
  15. Click on 'Apply settings' and the on 'Create task' button.


Follow this link to read the second part of this case.





Copy policy



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