Case: Selectively Replace Attachments with secure Box links

Use case summary

Automatically secure attachments sent within the organization, permitting only internal access only.


  1. Go to Mail2Cloud Dashboard
  2. Click on 'Add New' button at Fusion panel.

  3. Select "From" option
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  4. Select your domain to apply this rule to any email sent from your company.
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  5. Select "Anyone" to apply the rule to any recipient, within the company or outside the company
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  6. Set Fusion rule option in 'Move'
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  7. Click on Select your cloud storage and authenticate. 

  8. Select 'at Folder'
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  9. Click on '../{Subject}' button to customize the file path where your emails will be stored at the cloud storage.

  10. If internal tracking of delivery is not wanted, set track options in 'Do not track emails'.

  11. If you don't want to add a paperclip to emails with attachments sent only as links, select 'Do not insert' a "paperclip" on messages with cloud storage links.


  12. Click on create rule button.

  13. Click on 'Advanced options'.

    • Toggle 'Do not overwrite existing messages'

    • Toggle 'Save messages as pdf'

    • Toggle 'Save message as an .eml source file'

  14. Go to 'Security options'
    • Select ''

  15. Click on 'Create this rule' button.
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