Customize the location of your files in your cloud storage

This guide will show you how to create a custom file path for your emails at the cloud storage for Fusion, Email sync or Archiving Address rules.

You can set the file path while adding or editing rules at  Mail2cloud Dashboard.


  1. Select "in Folder" to use a folder at your cloudstorage.
    save image

  2. Click on folder button to select the cloud storage file path where your emails will be saved.
    save image

  3. Enter a custom file path, use dynamic patterns or leave it default.AA_basic_filePath.png

    When you start typing, a list of dynamic patterns will appear.AA_basic_folder_drop_.png
    Also you can use a 'Variable' to name a folder. To do this just click in 'Create new custom variable' button.

    Note: To learn more about 'Variables' please read Variables overview article.
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