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Screenshots of mxHERO's Quickstart Tool (English & Japanese)



mxHERO has built a rapid deployment app allowing customers to rollout mxHERO (even across the largest organization) in less than 10 minutes when they leverage Microsoft Office 365 email with their content platforms.

The tool is intended to ease the deployment of mxHERO for the customer by automating manual steps. It can only be used to configure a limited set of mxHERO features. Its primary value is to quickly and easily set up mxHERO so that further configuration can be done using mxHERO's administration panel (if needed).

Primary benefits of the Quickstart Deployment Application:

  • Capture cloud storage authorization
  • Only for O365 customers - enable production deployment
    • Configure O365 routing for use with mxHERO
    • Configure account synchronization with mxHERO
    • Configure pilot or full domain deployments
    • Configure Outbound attachment protection (PPAP replacement)
  • Language support
    • English, Japanese (more languages soon)




The Quickstart application has been tested in production. Additional modifications and optimizations are expected during its deployment.


Sales Enablement

The application – when in the hands of the mxHERO distributors or resellers – may be used to trial the capability for auto-deployment of mxHERO during sales cycles. Customers will often wish to run a pilot or to better understand the implementation approach for rolling out mxHERO’s outbound email attachment technology. As such, the trial suite for the quick deployment tool can be used in such ‘sales’ scenarios in order to gain client confidence with ease of implementation.

Trial Setup

mxHERO has made the Quickstart application available for trial purposes. In this scenario, partners can use the demo overview to show customers the steps to set up the O365 authentication, the linkage to the preferred and selected content platform, and the steps necessary within that 10 min process to achieve pilot success. mxHERO recommends allowing clients to set up a ‘demo’ of the solution using the Quick Deployment application with pilots normally running for a two-week period as customers evaluate the platform. At which time the partner may transact for the actual production order of the applicable mxHERO licenses Mail2Cloud on a user license volume needed by the client.

Demo Version

mxHERO provides a demo version of the Quickstart application. This version allows users to "click-through" the tool without requiring inputs. The intent is to provide resellers and potential customers with an idea of what to expect during the deployment process.

A click-through (demo version) of the tool can be found here:


*use of the DEMO version showcases the path to implementation but does not result in an actual configuration of mxHERO (e.g. used for sales/demo and/or training purposes only.


Test Version

To test the Quickstart tool with an O365 email domain, mxHERO partners can access the following URL:


The application can now be used to deploy a test version of mxHERO complete with an mxHERO dashboard. To best utilize this resource you should have ready:

  • Administrator access to a cloud storage service
  • Administrator access to an O365 test domain

The mxHERO dashboard configured with this option can be accessed at the URL:


To log into the mxHERO dashboard, enter the contact email address provided to the Quickstart contact form and authenticate through O365.


Contact email address is the login account to the mxHERO dashboard
(single sign-on with O365)


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If the Quickstart successfully deployed to Office 365, the user of the "contact email" used in the Quickstart process (see image to left above) can now access their mxHERO Administration Dashboard to configure additional capabilities.

  1. Access the mxHERO Administration dashboard (https://dashboard.mxhero.com/login)
  2. Enter their Office 365 email account (same as the contact email set in the Quickstart)
  3. Select "Sign in  with Office 365" (see image to the right above)
  4. Authenticate their O365 user.

Accessing the mxHERO dashboard is only needed if the user would like to add or change additional mxHERO configurations.


Production Use of Quickstart

The production version of the Quick Deploy application is available to partners via:


The mxHERO dashboard provisioned by the production tool can be found at:


The login user for the production mxHERO dashboard is the contact email address indicated during the Quickstart process (similar to the 'test' scenario described above).


NOTE: When configuring O365 with the Quickstart application, it can take up to 1 hour for the configuration to take effect in O365.


Quickstart with a specific cloud storage service

While the above DEMO and PRODUCTION-capable version of the tool allow for customers to ‘select’ the appropriate content cloud service, there may be situations when the distributor and/or reseller wishes to ONLY depict a ‘single’ content platform applicable to the sales engagement with a customer. As such, versions of the Quick Deploy application that are specific to a ‘single’ content platform are also available via:


Quickstart for O365 + Box


(demo) https://dev-autodeployer.mxhero.com/box

Quickstart for O365 + Dropbox


(demo) https://dev-autodeployer.mxhero.com/dropbox

Quickstart for O365 + Egnyte


(demo) https://dev-autodeployer.mxhero.com/egnyte

Quickstart for O365 + Google Drive


(demo) https://dev-autodeployer.mxhero.com/google

Quickstart for O365 + Microsoft OneDrive


(demo) https://dev-autodeployer.mxhero.com/onedrive



The security benefits of using mxHERO to automate the capture of outbound flowing email assets with Mail2Cloud are significant. Some advantages are:

  • No user impacts – users use email the way they do today when attaching files
  • No software or plug-ins to maintain. All ‘rules’ for the capture of attachments when sending via email are centrally administered via mxHERO’s Administrative Control Dashboard and under the full control of customer admins
  • Users maintain control of digital content even after sending them (e.g. they can revoke access at any time)
  • Customers ‘may’ elect to deploy variant rules for internal recipients within their domain vs. the rules for content accessibility external of their organization - e.g. internal actors may have View/Download and non-expiring links to assets shared with them, whereas external actors on the ‘same’ email release may be able to access the content shared with them as View Only or View/Download but with auto-expiring links. All such features are native to mxHERO and post-Quick Start deployment may be configured with support or training as provided by the distributor and/or reseller partner

When using the Quick Deploy application, mxHERO has NO access to a customer’s email domain security passwords or their respective enterprise content management platform. As such, with partner support – a client may leverage the capabilities of the Quick Deploy application to achieve rapid time to value while understanding that the authentication between their O365 email system and their preferred or ‘targeted’ content cloud platform is solely within their security setups (e.g. only initiated by authorized administrators). The actual authentication activation on the O365 is triggered by Microsoft using existing oAuth, SSO, and/or Multi-Factor authentication protocols as set by the organization. Furthermore, mxHERO has NO ability to retain or store any content, once content is processed by mxHERO, a log file is updated showcasing the transaction history and mxHERO has no architectural ability to store content – a further security win.


Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I wish to have mxHERO’s capability for attachment security (PPAP replacement) but I’m a non-Office 365 user (e.g. we use Outlook/Exchange or GMAIL)?

mxHERO is still available in such situations with a deployment window estimated at 90 minutes. For clients WITH Office 365 email, the deployment time is less than 10 minutes leveraging the Quick Deploy Application.


If my organization has multiple domains, is that supported?

Yes, mxHERO supports multiple email domains per customer.

Domain aliases: When the customer has domain aliases (different domains that deliver to a single email domain, e.g. company.com.uk as an alias for company.com) the Quickstart tool is prepared to configure this situation.


How is the solution priced?

mxHERO is priced based on user volume tiers under annual license models. Tier-based discounts may be applicable depending upon user volumes. mxHERO Partners can extend pricing upon request for any user volumes that may be targeted.


Can I run a trial?


mxHERO resellers are authorized to use the Quickstart Tool to initiate the setup of mxHERO for a targeted set of ‘test’ users for pilot purposes.  mxHERO recommends that pilots not exceed two-business weeks in order to provide time for a full success outcome evaluation.  Post pilot, if a production rollout is authorized, the mxHERO reseller will engage customers to handle the production rollout along with applicable execution of license agreements as may be applicable


While the time to value is important, where can I find more information about mxHERO’s outbound content capture capability with Mail2Cloud?


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