Product Roadmap

The following presents mxHERO's product development roadmap. This forecast does not convey General Availability but rather dates currently being targeted by mxHERO.

mxHERO production updates, inclusive of new features, will cause NO impacts to client production or security frameworks or regression testing impacts. Upon production release updates, no impact on the legacy feature set or operability of mxHERO for in-production instances is expected.

mxHERO leverages a best-in-class agile process for new feature development, including rigorous security audits (3rd Party) and SOC-aligned security protocols. We leverage a DEV to TEST to PRODUCTION release framework to preclude any regression or production-level impacts for existing clients.


Q1-Q4 2022

The following mxHERO product updates or enhancements were delivered to customers and partners in
the calendar year 2022:

  • SOC-2 Type II Audit and Compliance CertificationCompleted w/Press Announcement
  • Microsoft Office365 Auto Deployment Tool for Partners & CustomersGA
  • Enhanced Identity Management / Single Sign-on (SSO) Options (including SAML)GA
  • Enhanced IMAP ConnectivityGA (XOAUTH2)
  • Early Access (pre-GA) of refreshed Admin Console with key admin U/X updates, including:
  • Admin Enhancements for Multi-Cloud Storage Accounts
  • mxHERO with Dropbox Business IntegrationGA
  • mxHERO with Microsoft Sharepoint (Sites) IntegrationGA
  • mxHERO Drag>Drop Capability Allowing Outlook Users to Drag>Drop email directly into Box
    Drive or Box Content Cloud’s DesktopWebApp-GA
  • Sunset (feature deprecation) notifications in CY 2022 included: Outlook Plug-In deprecation (now
    supported via mxHERo cloud enabled sync technology)
  • Email Sync enhancements to support improved reporting with tracing capabilitiesGA
  • Email Sync reportexpansions (per-application) with export optionsGA
  • Gateway Header Enhancements-GA
  • Microsoft Office 365 Powershell Agent integration for O365 Configuration AutomationGA
  • mxHERO Business Outcomes Discovery ToolGA
  • mxHERO Return on Investment (ROI) ModelerMulti-Language SupportGA
  • Backend System performance improvements for storage's processing and rate-limits
  • New notifications report for email processing
  • New search capabilities per email processing result in tracing report
  • New Dashboard–PA
  • Google (Gmail) API Connectivity Supported–PA
  • Microsoft Graph API Connectivity Supported–PA
  • Admin Enhancements for Multi-Domain Support, Organization Support, and Tagging
    capability for rule setups within mxHERO’s Administrative Console–PA
  • New Variables, Dataset, Security, Metadata, and Folders policies system–PA
  • New rule system–PA
  • Drag And Drop UI–PA
  • New system variables–PA
  • Automatic synchronization of domains, aliases, and groups for Office 365 and Google Workspace-PA


Q1 2023

  • New Platform/DashboardGA
  • Platform stats usage reportGA
  • New monthly email with Platform stats usageGA
  • Platform notifications calls to action iterationGA
  • Office365 and Gapps accounts and groups filters-GA
  • Variables Test and Inspect of from Email filesGA
  • Multi-language support
    • JapaneseGA
  • Mail2Sign MVP
  • Dates sources for variables new formats (Months, Days, Hours, Minutes)GA
  • Drag And Drop prevent processing from other mxhero actionsGA
  • Users Mailbox support for TAG accountsGA
  • French language supportGA


Q2 2023

  • Unified Storage Pickup Folder for rules
  • Office365 gateway automation
  • Google Drive Share Drives
  • Legacy Platform sunset
  • User Inbox Errors Management Improvements
  • Google Drive Shared Drive
  • Dataset contains predicate
  • User Inbox Shared accounts
  • User Inbox Mark Processed
  • Usage Report monthly report email
  • Notifications emails digest configuration
  • Policy trigger by variable negated
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