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Today organizations are in a cybersecurity crisis. Every organization is vulnerable. Given that email is the number one cybersecurity "threat surface", companies that rely heavily on email are particularly vulnerable. This vulnerability extends beyond the company's borders given the risk of a breach with those with whom sensitive email is exchanged.

mxHERO provides innovative email security that is used by organizations of all sizes and across all industries. However, no industry is more represented than legal, whether that be legal firms or legal business units in larger organizations. As such, mxHERO is developing a series of integrations with the popular legal software, Clio.

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Onboarding from Clio to mxHERO Email Attachment Protection

To facilitate the acquisition of mxHERO by firms using Clio, mxHERO has developed an accelerated onboarding tool for users of Clio's practice management platform.


mxHERO Email Attachment Protection service requirements

To use mxHERO Email Attachment Protection your organization should meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Your email service is Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online)
  2. Your organization's clouds storage service is one of the following:
    1. Microsoft OneDrive (included in your Office 365 subscription)
    2. Box cloud storage
    3. Egnyte cloud storage


OnBoarding from Clio

To deploy mxHERO Email Attachment Protection for your domain, look for the app in the Clio App Store [PLACE CLIO APP STORE LINK].




Reviewing and accepting integration permissions

You will be presented with the Clio OAuth permission grant webpage. Review the requested permissions and to proceed with the mxHERO service deployment, click on the "Allow Access" button.




After allowing access, mxHERO will:

  1. confirm your Clio credentials
  2. get your user details (name, email, phone, etc.)
  3. check to see if your organization already has mxHERO service installed

If your organization already has mxHERO installed, you will receive a message to get in touch with your domain administrator. Your domain administrator is managing mxHERO for your domain.

If your organization does not have mxHERO installed you will be taken through the mxHERO Email Attachment Protection installation wizard.




Using mxHERO Email Attachment Protection with Clio

mxHERO will be integrated with your Office 365 email service and your cloud storage. Email attachments sent out over email (using any device) will automatically be uploaded to each individual's cloud storage account. By default, emails will be filed in the following folder structure:

Attachments / {recipient email address} / {email subject}

For example, an email with email attachments sent to with subject "Files to review" will have its files automatically uploaded to the folder ...

Attachments / / Files for review

If you are using Box cloud storage you would see the files auto-filed as in the image below. It is important to note that the entire folder structure will be created for you by mxHERO.





Note: when using Clio with Box or OneDrive integration you will be able to access these secured files directly from within your Clio dashboard.


The email that is received by Jim will look like the image below. The originally sent email attachments are replaced by cloud storage links (Box, OneDrive, etc.). These links will automatically expire in a preconfigured number of days. Furthermore, at any moment the user can navigate to the original files in their cloud storage and delete them to permanently ensure that the files are no longer exposed in the email.



Video Demonstration

The following video demonstrates mxHERO Email Attachment Protection with Microsoft OneDrive



Finally, at your option, access to email attachments can be tracked on a per-recipient per-file basis. For example, in the scenario above, as soon as Jim accesses the file "policy.docx", you will be notified.


Benefits of mxHERO Email Attachment Protection

Email attachments are a significant cybersecurity threat. A typical email attachment will replicate around ten times by the time it is delivered to its recipients. Every stage of email delivery is a duplication. Emails are duplicated in redundant email servers, email archives, end-user email clients, and across multiple end-user devices. Emails are also subject to mishandling, whether from malicious or innocent forwarding. Every email copy typically exists for many years, perhaps decades, meaning it is a widespread and continuous breach risk.

mxHERO Email Attachment Protection is a powerful security tool because from the moment an email is sent, email attachments are removed from insecure email and put into your secure cloud storage that you control. Importantly, the cloud storage links are auto-expired, ensuring that not only do your files not duplicate during the email lifecycle, but they are inaccessible after the expiration period. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, nothing is required from you and your co-workers in terms of how you work. mxHERO Email Attachment Protection is entirely automatic, requires no special software, and works uniformly from every device.





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