Configure a Canon MFP for Secure Scan to Email

The following is an overview of how to configure a Canon ImageClass MFP to use mxHERO's Secure Scan to Email application.

The configurations here can be applied to other compatible Canon devices being configured for mxHERO Secure Scan to Email.


Video How-to

The following is a video how-to for the configuration steps described below.


1. Access the imageCLASS Remote UI portal

Start by access the Remote UI Portal of your ImageClass device and clicking on the Settings/Registration link.



2. Network Settings

Click on Network Settings



3. TCP/IP Settings

Click on TCP/IP Settings



4. Port Number Settings - Setting the SMTP Port

Scroll down the TCP/IP page until the Port Number Settings section.

  1. Click Edit
  2. Change the SMTP Port number (normally 25) to 587
  3. Save settings by click on OK



5. Network Settings

Click on Network Settings again to exit the TCP/IP page.



6. E-Mail Settings

Select E-Mail Settings



7. Configure SMTP Authentication

Fill in the following fields with the following values:

  1. SMTP Server:
  2. E-Mail Address: enter the email address for the sender of scans sent through email
  3. Check the SMTP Authentication box
  4. Enter your SMTP Authenticated username from your mxHERO configured rule (see below)
  5. Check the Set/Change Password
  6. Enter the SMTP Authenticated password from your mxHERO configured rule (see below)
  7. Check the Use TLS for SMTP
  8. Save changes by clicking OK



Your SMTP Credentials can be found in your mxHERO Secure Scan to Email rule


For more details on how to setup Secure Scanning from the mxHERO dashboard please see Secure Scanning Basics








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