Basic Secure Email Configuration

The following outlines how you can configure mxHERO to provide self-expiring, password protected attachments.


1. From your mxHERO dashboard, create a Fusion rule (for more on creating Fusion rules see this section).




2. As you configure your Fusion rule, select Security Options ...




3. In the Security configuration section set the following ...

  1. Set Access Scope to "Anyone"
  2. Enable expiration to the number of days you would like to limit the secure link.
  3. Enable "Password Protected"
    • Note, that if this is not enabled, users can manually trigger password protection by putting the hastag #pass anywhere in the email subject line. This hashtag is removed by mxHERO prior to delivery to the recipients.
    • By having this option DISabled, you are configuring this rule to be enabled manually by users when sending attachments, instead of automatically by the Fusion rule.



Make sure to save your rule once fully configured.




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