What is Secure Email?

If you have ever exchanged email with your bank, you are familiar with Secure Email. Typically your bank does not communicate openly through standard email, instead you receive a notification message that asks you to log into the bank's secure website to read their message and download files. Because email is not a secure technology - anyone getting access to an email has full access to its contents and files - the secure exchange of information needs to be moved out of email and into a secure platform. When security is paramount, email is relegated to serving as notification tool and providing secure links to information stored elsewhere. The best secure email technologies impose little to no change on users. mxHERO Secure Email has been engineered with this goal.


Why Secure Email provided by MxHero?

Many Secure Email solutions exist in the market, but they are typically expensive and require organizations to deploy yet another silo of content, increasing IT complexity and therefor risks. mxHERO allows organizations to use their existing cloud storage to enable the secure exchange of information through email. This not only reduces costs, extends the return of investment in cloud storage, but also keeps data sprawl to multiple silos in check which ultimately improves security and simplicity. Furthermore, Secure Email leverages mxHERO's powerful rules engine allowing for very granular and prescriptive security requirements. Users can decide when and what to secure and/or centralized rules can automatically detect and trigger secure delivery.


How does it work?

Below is a diagram of the typical flow of a secure email message. Essentially, the sender sends an email. If the message is to be securely delivered, mxHero moves the content (message or attachments or both) into the user organization's cloud storage service, sets the security and forwards the email with self-expiring links to the now secured content. MxHero then randomly generates a password and through a second communication, delivers the temporary password to the message recipient so that they can access the content.


What Cloud Storage does it work with?

All mxHero supported cloud storage integrations are enabled but Box is the most flexible

MxHero can use any supported cloud storage for secure email. However, differences exist between which cloud storage is targeted because of underlying differences between the different platforms. For example, as of the writing of this document, only Box enables the use of password protected open links. You can still password protect messages with other platforms, like Google Drive, but the recipient needs to have a matching Google Drive account. Secure email with Box is more flexible because the recipient does not have to have a Box account to access the secured content, only a password, which mxHero sends to them.


Diagram of Secure Email using the Box Content Cloud

Sender sends an email. mxHERO automatically moves the attachment (message also an option) to Box. A self-expiring password protected link is created and put in the original email. The email is delivered to the recipient. mxHERO randomly generates the password and forwards to the



Video Demos

Demo Video showing mxHERO password protection for email attachments

To configure this scenario see this page.


Demo Video showing message protection for Outlook API Sensitivity labels


Additional information

For additional information see our website at https://www.mxhero.com/secure-email







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