Saving messages and attachments

Folder selection and upload

To save a message and/or its attachments:

  1. Select an email
  2. Navigate to your target folder
  3. Click 'Save'


Upload Options

When uploading, you have a number of options. Presets can be used to quickly set a series of options. The below image illustrates each respective section:

Save the message body as a PDF

Select the PDF toggle button.

Save the email in its original format

Toggle either .EML or .MSG for the desired format when saving the original email. This file type can typically be opened in a local email client (e.g. Outlook) and actioned (e.g. reply, forward, etc.).

Edit the subject used in the PDF and EML/MSG uploaded file name

If you are using the email subject as part of the file name for the PDF message and/or the original email (eml or msg), you can alter it here.

View the file naming convention

This shows the fields that will be used (as determined by the preset) when naming your PDF and/or original email message.





Save Attachments

Select or de-select email attachments for upload to your cloud storage. You can also edit the filename of the uploaded file.


Presets are configured by your mxHero administrator. Presets automatically set preconfigured filing options (described in this article and in the "Settings" pane).


Selecting a metadata template (configured by your administrator) allows you to set additional fields  associated to the uploaded email and its attachments. For example, metadata fields can be created for client id's, matter numbers, priority values, etc. Metadata can then be used as search criteria.





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