Tips, Tricks & Best Practices

The following article provides common techniques and best practices for improving day-to-day use of MxHero's Mail2Cloud Outlook Plugin.


1. Click "OK" in the Save dialog

After dragging email into cloud storage folders, you may be presented with a dialog box. The email will only be sent to your cloud storage once you confirm by clicking the "OK" button.



2. Collapse & Resize Mail2Cloud pane

You can resize or collapse the cloud storage window when not using it.



3. Use Favorites to better manage navigation

Commonly you will only be saving emails to a subset of cloud storage folders. To facilitate working with only those folders, add folders to "Favorites". This is done by right clicking over the folder you would like favorite.



Favorite folders will appear in the "Favorites" tab. Now you can save emails directly to these folders without having to navigate all your cloud storage folders.



4. Jump to folders & files in cloud storage

To view folders and files directly in your cloud storage web interface, right click on a folder or file and select "Open Folder in Browser"



5. Save to Favorite folders without Dragging

You can save to Favorite folders by:

  1. right click over a message
  2. navigating to Save & Share 
  3. selecting a folder in your Favorites.




6. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-J to save selected email without dragging

You can use the key board shortcut Ctrl-J to save a selected message. You will be prompted with a dialog for folder selection.


7. Ensure folder is selected when using Save folder dialog

When saving a message via the Save & Share folder dialog window, ensure that the folder you would like to save into is in the Folder field. This can require two clicks on the folder's icon in the navigation tabs. See red highlight box in the below image:




8. Refreshing the folder tree

Saving an email into your cloud storage can sometimes take a minute or more. If you do not see uploaded content appear in your folder tree, try refreshing the folder tree by accessing the context menu via right mouse button click and selecting either Refresh to refresh just the folder that you clicked on, or Refresh All to refresh the entire folder tree.





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