mxHero's Outlook Extension

mxHero for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that allows you to quickly store email and its contents into your cloud storage service. 

Depending on your configuration, emails will be stored in a folder in three distinct ways:

  1. Original email format (.eml, .msg): An exact copy of the original email will be stored in original format with the file extension .eml or .msg (as defined in settings).
  2. PDF conversion: The email will be converted into a PDF.
  3. Attachments: All attachments, if any, will be saved as separate files.


Dragging emails in to your Storage Service (right side tree) then opening destination folder



mxHero for Outlook supports Outlook versions:

  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2003 or better 


Unsupported Clients

Currently, there is no plugin support for Outlook for Mac. To learn about similar functionality that works with mobile, non-Outlook clients or other operating systems please contact mxHero.


Download mxHero Outlook Plugin for:



After downloading the above file:

  1. if upgrading, remove the previous version first
  2. unzip contents
  3. double click on the .msi file (or 'setup' file if it exists in the installation folder)
  4. follow installation instructions


If you are upgrading from a previous mxHero for Outlook installation, please uninstall the previous version first


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