Overwrite Option

Save & Share can be configured with the option to not overwrite messages if another message with the same name has already been saved to the folder. If this option is not selected (default) and you save a message to the same folder the cloud storage platform will automatically save a new version of your message. You will still be able to access the older versions via your cloud storage interface.

Over-writing Messages

The default is to allow overwriting. The benefits of overwriting are:

  1. Having multiple files representing all the versions of a message in the folder can be inconvenient. Instead you will have only the latest version of which you can access older versions if you want to.
  2. If you share the particular message with other collaborators, most cloud storage services will automatically link back to the most up to date version.


Not Over-writing Messages

If you opt not to over-write, new versions of a message will have a numeric increment added to the file name. For example: message-1.eml, message-2.eml, etc.


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