Powerful Collaboration with Save & Share

Mail2Cloud Save & Share stores an email in three components:

  1. Original email format: the exact email in its original format stored with the .eml file extension. ex. message.eml
  2. PDF conversion: a PDF format conversion of the message
  3. Attachments: any attachments sent with the email are available in their original formats

When combined with the power of cloud storage platforms, each of these components can be used to create new collaboration possibilities for email.

Shared Forwarding and Replying of Email

If the location of a stored message.eml file is shared with other people, the collaborators can use the file to open the message directly in programs like MS Outlook. When the message is opened it is ready for forwarding, replying, etc even if not the original recipient.

For example, Mary and Bob are part of a legal department. Mary saves a message with Save & Share to a departmental Box share folder. Bob can double click on the message.eml of that message and it will open as an email in his Outlook ready to respond to.

Email Collaboration with Save & Share

Some of the advantages of email collaboration via Save & Share rather than email forwarding include:

  1. eliminate chance of forwarding to the wrong recipient
  2. message is shared without the alterations to the email that email forwarding causes
  3. multiple access rights to the shared email can be created, like view only, limited duration access, etc.
  4. tools for group commentary around the email can be leveraged
  5. message can be grouped with other relevant assets. Ex. a message might be grouped with a spreadsheet, project plans, photos etc.
  6. message is sent to a fixed cloud storage folder and not the volatile environment of the recipients inbox

Tip: Sync to Desktop to Quickly Access Message and Attachments

Using cloud storage sync capability, bring Save & Share message folders to your desktop for easy local access of messages, attachments and more.

Tip: Setup Cloud Storage Notification when Messages Saved

Given that many cloud storage platforms allow one to be notified when new content is uploaded, this creates an ideal scenario for collaborative email management for teams like sales groups, support organizations, etc.

Tip: Leverage Cloud Storage Collaboration Tools

Cloud storage offers many additional collaborative tools compared to standard email.

  • Add commentary to your saved message
  • Invite others to access
  • Restrict access privileges
  • Use automatic notifications when new content saved to folder
  • Use sync to action (reply, forward, etc) to email saved by another user
  • Add To Do tasks around message and files 

Tip: Group Emails with Other Related Files

Save email with related files, ex. XLS and other documents.


Save Emails with other Related Assets

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