Configuring DNS for mxHero

Note: the recommendations in this article are not required for Office 365 or Exchange 2013 or later deployments.

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Many mxHero Apps enhance email by acting on them "server side". This requires that emails pass through mxHero. Depending on the App, emails may be required to pass through when being sent, received or both.

Some mxHero Apps work best when inbound email - email coming into the domain - is processed by the App. For example, mail2Cloud Archive can only archive inbound email traffic if inbound email traffic for the domain is first sent to mxHero.

Example mxHero Apps Outbound / Inbound Requirements

App Outbound Email Inbound Email
Fusion* Yes/No Yes/No
Archiving Address ** Yes/No Yes/No
Outlook Extension No No
Email Sync No  No 


Requires, either inbound for incoming messages, outbound for outgoing emails or both for both ways.

**Archiving Address
For default, doesn't need outbound or inbound email previously configured, except in cases with inflow copy activated, if that so there are two options.
  - An address from your domain to an external address (Outbound email is required).
  - Both ways (Inbound and Outbound email is required).


Inbound email and the MX Record

With the exception of Office 365 and Exchange 2013, the inbound flow of email for a domain is governed by the DNS MX record (definition).

To configure the MX record of your domain for mxHero Apps add to your domain's MX record the following priority and address:

Value Priority Lower than all other values, ex. 0

The priority value does not have to be 0, but it does have to be lower than any other existing entry.


Outbound email and the Gateway

Most apps require that mxHero receives email being sent from the domain. This is achieved by setting the "Outbound Gateway" of the domain. Both Google Apps and Office 365 allow mxHero to automatically set the domain Gateway during installation. On-premises installations and services that do not allow automatic setting of the Gateway require that the Gateway be changed manually by the email administrator.

Outbound Gateway Address

Manual configuration not required for Google Apps or Office 365.


Google Apps

Google Apps allows mxHero to set the Outbound Gateway for apps that require it. However, apps that require inbound traffic will require manual configuration of the MX record as per above.

Also, the following configuration is highly recommended to better handle your spam filtering.

Note: To use this feature with your account , it has to be G Suite.

    1. Access Google Apps admin panel.
    2. Click on Apps icon.

    3. Click on GSuite icon.

    4. Click on Gmail.

    5. Click on "Advanced settings" option.

    6. Scroll down looking for 'inbound gateway' and click on it.

    7. Add the following IPs one by one to the list by clicking on "Add" button:


  1. Check "Automatically detect external IP (recommended)".
  2. Check "Message is considered spam if the following header regexp matches".
  3. Enter ^X-Gm-Spam:(0|1)$ to RegExp field.

  4. Check "RegExp extract a numeric score"
  5. At the drop down menu select "Greater than or equal to" option.
  6. Enter 1 in the field next to the drop down menu mentioned beforegsuite_message_tagging2.png

  7. Finally click on "Add settings button".


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