Uninstalling mxHero from Gmail

This guide will show you how to uninstall mxHero from your Gmail account.

Before start be sure to use a Gsuite admin account. 

    1. Login to your Gmail admin account.
    2. Go to "Settings" panel and select "Manage this domain" option.
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      This option will appear only if you are using an administrator account.
      Also you can access directly to Google Apps admin panel

    3. Click on Apps icon.

    4. Click on GSuite icon.

    5. Click on Gmail.

    6. Click on "Advanced settings" option.

    7. Scroll down to "Routing" section
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    8. Look for "Outbound gateway" and remove mxHero's SMTP server from the list.
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    9. Click on "Save" button.
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      Take in mind that these changes may take up to 1 hour to propagate to all users.

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