Security definitions overview and creation

A Security Definition is a restriction applied to the links and documents uploaded to the Cloud Storage, regarding who can access, automatic expiration of Mail2Cloud links and prevent file downloads. 

  1. Access to Mail2Cloud Dashboard.
  2. Click on "Auto filing" in top menu bar.
  3. Click on "Security policies"
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  4. Click on "Security definitions" button to see a list of existing definitions or create a new one.
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    List of existing security definitions

    To see information about a definition just click on her name and it will show up right at the bottom.
    Definition information

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  6. Enter a name for the Security definition
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  7. Select the cloud storage account where the Mail2Cloud links will be affected by this Security definition.

  8. Select who can access the files that are sent as links to the previously selected cloud storage account.
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  9. If you want to set an expiration time for Mail2Cloud links toggle this option. An input to set the days of expiration will show up.

  10. Toggle this option to unable the recipients to download or open that file in its original format.

  11. Click to save your Security definition
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