Security policies overview

Security policies are rule sets of conditions which apply Security Definitions, if any of those conditions are met against the email context information.

A Security Definition is a restriction applied to the links and documents uploaded to the Cloud Storage, regarding who can access, automatic expiration of Mail2Cloud links and prevent file downloads.

  1. Access to Mail2Cloud Dashboard.
  2. Click on "Auto filing" in top menu bar.
  3. Click on "Security Policies".
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  4. You'll see list of previously created Security policies.
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  5. You can delete or edit each policy by clicking on the appropriate button
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  6. By clicking in an existing policy you'll see a description of the pattern that will applies a certain security definition.

    In this case the security definition box_public_links_prevent_download will apply to every email with a subject containing the word "private".

  7. Click on "Create security policy" if you want to create a new one.
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    Click here to learn how to create a new Security policy.

  8. Click on "Security definitions" button to see a list of the existing ones, delete, or create new ones.
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    List of Security definitions (Click here to learn how to create a Security definition)
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