Creating a basic security policy

  1. Access to Mail2Cloud Dashboard.
  2. Click on "Auto filing" in top menu bar.
  3. Click on "Security Policies"save image

  4. Click on "Create security policy"
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  5. Enter a name for you Security policy
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  6. "+ Add pattern button" will add a new condition to match with email information. 
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  7. You can test policy patterns by clicking "Test patterns" button.
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    To read a detailed explanation about testing patterns please refer to this article. 

  8. Choose your cloud storage (where this policy has to be applied)
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  9. Select the type of value the pattern is going to use to look for a match in your emails.
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    The value can be split (a string that will split the found match in groups where the occurrence happened), regex (a regular expression), contains (a string that will match it's found inside other string) and equals (a string that will match when the exact string is found).
    Group option will create a subgroup of patterns, and the Security definition will be applied after email information meet all of this sub group of conditions .

  10. Type the string or regular expression to be used to find a match.

  11. Select one or more type of email data for the pattern to try to find a match with the input provided.

  12. Here you can choose if you want to use a Dataset before apply the security definition (in this case we apply the security definition without using a dataset)

    By selecting a "and if dataset", once a match has been found, the pattern will run through its key/value structure, searching for a key that matches the result and assigning to the result its value.

    For information on datasets please refer to this article.

  13. Select an existing Security definition

  14. Select a Security definition to be applied if the email information doesn't meet any of the previously set condition.

  15. Click to save your Security policy.

Example of security Policy before save.

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