Fusion tasks list

Sometimes it is very useful to see your Fusion rules information without having to edit them.

In this list you will see some crucial information about previously created rules also options to enable / disable, edit, and delete them.

Once at Mail2Cloud Dashboard and click on 'List all' button in Fusion section.

This is the Fusion tasks list

This button shows the status of the rule. It can be changed between enable and disable by clicking on it.

Here you can see the the 'from - to' context of the rule.

'Attachments' shows the action taken with email attachments.
save image

'Filepath' shows the last folder of your cloud storage file path where your documents will be stored.

'Tracking' shows if you want to track emails, their attachments or neither.

'Paperclips' shows if you want to add a “paperclip” to emails sent with cloud storage file links.

By clicking on 'Edit ' button you can edit the rule settings without having to delete it and making a new one.

If you want to delete a rule just click 'Delete' button and click 'Ok' button at confirmation prompt.

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