Case: Law firm using Email Sync for auto filing (Part 2)

Use case summary

  • Part 2 of Law Firm using Email Sync (part 1 here)
  • MS Exchange email service
  • MxHero Outlook client

  1. Go to Mail2Cloud Dashboard
  2. Download and install the plugin.

  3. Go to Outlook Extension section and click on 'Edit presets'.

  4. Type a name for the preset.

  5. Enter the file path where you want the emails to be saved at the cloud storage.

  6. Toggle 'Save attachments'.
    save image

  7. Toggle 'Use a sub-folder to store attachments' and type a name for the sub-folder.
    save image

  8. Toggle 'Save message as pdf'.

  9. Toggle 'Save message as an .eml source file'.

  10. Toggle 'Use a sub-folder for the copy of the original email (.eml file)' and set the sub-folder name.

  11. Toggle 'Mark Email as processed' and set the text to be used in the email body.

  12. Set the format for .pdf and .eml file name using dynamic patterns taken from the email parts data.

  13. Click on 'Save preset' button.

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