Create a preset (admin)

Once inside the Outlook Extension Preset Editor, click on Create a Preset.You'll be presented with the following layout to create your new preset:



  1. Name the preset
    Type a name to identify your preset. Choose alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9, and -), no empty spaces.

  2. Setup file path
    This can be set up manually by typing a string or you can use the dynamic patterns provided in the drop down menu, which will then use data from every backed up email to form the file path. Any of the filepath components can be drag and dropped to alter it.
    Dynamic patterns are recognizable by the brackets (e.g. {Subject})

  3. Outlook Extension options
    The following on/off options represent the setup found on the Outlook Extension. This selection will be reflected in the extension once the newly created preset is selected.

  4. Applying preset to groups
    Select one or more groups for preset application. If no group is selected, it will be available for all accounts.

  5. Saving your preset
    When the setup is completed, click on the Save Preset button. The dashboard will inform you if there's a problem or if the preset was created successfully.
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