Favorite folders

You can save specific folders to "Favorites". This will allow quick access to commonly used folders. To do this, simply:

  • Drag the folder to the favorites column to the left of the navigation dialog, or
  • Right mouse button click above the desired folder and select "Add to Favorites" in the context menu

Example of Favorite as a Short Cut
"Save&Share" is a favorite folder in the below image


To remove a folder from favorites you can:

  • Select the folder and hit the "delete" key, or
  • Right mouse button click above the desired folder and select "Remove"

Removing a folder from favorites does not delete the folder. It only removes it from the "Favorites" category.


Removing a Folder from Favorites via Context Menu

Creating a Folder

You can add a folder to your cloud storage by right mouse button clicking on the folder tree.

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