Creating a new Dataset

Datasets are lists of elements composed of two text strings, a key and a value, and there used as a source of data to evaluate and decide values on folder paths.
You can choose to create datasets manually or upload a file containing your datasets (CSV and Excel files are supported).
Create a new Dataset Manually 
  1. Access to Mail2Cloud Dashboard.
  2. Click on "Auto filing" in top menu bar.
  3. Click on "Variables".
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  4. Click on "Dataset list"

  5. Click on "Create Dataset"

  6. Enter the name for the new Dataset.

  7. Enter Key and Value.

    • To add a new Key/Value pair just click on "+ Add Add Dataset item" button.
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  8. Once you finished adding items click on "Save Dataset" button.
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Create a new Dataset using a file
CSV and Excel files are supported.

  1. Follow steps 1 to 6 of the previous guide.
  2. Click on "Upload Dataset file" button.

  3. Click on "Select file" button and browse your PC.
  4. Select a CSV or Excel format file and click on "Open" button.
  5. Select between Append to current Dataset content or Replace actual Dataset items with the file content by clicking on the proper button.
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    • After a file has been uploaded you can still add items by clicking on "+ Add Dataset item" button and entering Key/Value.
  6. Once you finished adding items click on "Save Dataset" button.
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