Presets for Outlook Extension (admin)

mxHero's Dashboard has a Preset Editor for Outlook Extension. These presets let you store different setups for the extension and alternate between them on the fly while in Outlook.

The presets created and setup in the Editor will show up in the Outlook Extension for selection, carrying your preferred options.


Dashboard's preset list


Outlook Extension preset selection

Default Preset

Upon entering the editor for the first time, there will be a default preset. This preset is always available and can't be deleted. By enabling the Use default always option, it will be present in the Outlook Extension's selection toolbar for every user in your domain, and will contain the chosen Outlook Extension setup.


General Config

  • No custom setup
    Users in your domain will be able to choose among (but not edit/create) Outlook Extension's enabled presets.
  • Default Preset always present
    The Default Preset is always shown in the selection even when other presets are created.
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