OneDrive character length limit for files and folders

OneDrive for Business has a character length limit for files and folders when uploading to SharePoint. 

  • In SharePoint Server 2013, file names can have up to 128 characters.
  • In SharePoint Online, file names and folder names can have up to 400 characters.
  • This limit include filepath and filename.
  • Mail2Cloud have up to 400 characters for default but you can modify this limit by following this guide and configuring "One Drive settings".

  1. Access to Mail2Cloud Dashboard.
  2. Click on "Domains" button at top menu.

  3. Click on "One Drive Settings" button.

  4. Enter a number in the field "Custom limit path and file names" from now on this number will be the new character limit.

  5. Click on "Save settings" button.
  6. Now the limit has been set to 1000 characters for path + filename.
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